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Please read the quick start documentation before downloading and using these packages. Items in bold refer to other packages available from this page.

Source for the ehwt 3-D graphics client needed to connect to ehMOO or miniMOO world servers.
Win32 binary version of the ehwt 3-D graphics client needed to connect to ehMOO or miniMOO world servers.

The source patch to be applied to LambdaMOO-1.8.1.tar.gz to produce the ehMOO-0.95 server. This patch has also been successfully applied to LambdaMOO-1.8.0.r5.

The ehMOO core you should start ehMOO-0.95 with (ehMOO-0.95 is created by applying ehMOO-0.95.patch to LambdaMOO-1.8.1.tar.gz). Built by adding the ehMOO moocode in moocode-0.95.tar.gz to LambdaCore-12Apr99.db.gz.

Source/Java classes for the miniMOO world server.

Source/Java classes for the world editor.

Source/Java classes for the object editor.

Source/Java classes for the VRML->eh world format conversion utility.

Images needed by clients for the default and sample worlds. These should be copied to the location on the web server specified by the url_base_a entry in your world definition file(s).

The moocode source applied to LambdaCore-12Apr99.db.gz to produce ehCore-0.95.db.gz and which needs to be applied to other existing cores to support the eh graphics protocol.

A snapshot of this website, including all documentation, for off-line perusal.

The following links point to sites archiving the relevant supporting packages, which is where you should get them from:

The libwww library, needed by the ehwt client. This version is seriously out-of-date, but it's the version we currently use and the only one that will work.

LambdaMOO version 1.8.1
The LambdaMOO website. The ehMOO server is based on version 1.8.1, which is what you need to get and apply the ehMOO-0.95.patch to.

This mirror contains the latest version of LambdaCore we could find at the time and is the one that moocode-0.95.tar.gz to produce ehCore-0.95.db.gz.