Building ehCore-0.95.db from scratch

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Only applicable to Linux:

Adding rooms to already existing cores

There currently is no way other than to manually add graphics to existing rooms that don't have them already i.e edit some MOO object properties to have the correct drawing info. Not fun, but that's actually how we had to do it before we had an editor. If anyone's actually interested in doing this, I'll detail it here. For now you'll need to look at the moocode for the relevant properties to define. Another option would be to leave the current moo intact and start a 'graphical' addition to it.

If you do this, a character can't be connected graphically to the graphical part and text-connected to a non-graphical room. Also, there should be no exits/entrances between graphical and non-graphical rooms. You'll need to teleport between them.

In this case, you still need to manually set up the first room.

Dig a regular non-graphic room:

@dig "Start of graphical part of this MOO"
NOTE: You can't have entrances/exits to/from the non-graphical part of the moo. You need to teleport there. (because the moocode tries to get ehPortal from room.exits)
NOTE: You can't be in a text-only room when you connect graphically, you need to either not be connected textually or @move me to graphical room. (because real_location is referenced at least in initial_subscription)

Note the new room #

In the moocode dir, edit

Replace all occurrences of #62 with the new room id.

Submit the new room description to the MOO:

/quote '
In your ehwthome, edit home:

change the second to last line to reflect the new start room:

change the 62 in WORLD:ehmoo:62:home_door to the new room #